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Best Bible visual representation in movies or series

Sometimes, we have a picture of the Bible story that isn’t always true or sometimes we don’t understand the full implication of the actions that were made related to the impact of the current culture. Seeing and visualizing with image makes a big difference and help us understand the scripture. 

In this article, I will give you a list of videos, movies, or series where the Bible is visualized. The nicest and most up-to-date technology for Bible image.

Good tools to share with your disciples all over the world!

1) Jesus Film Project

They have more than 1,800 videos that are Jesus centric. They have partners like Lumo and the Gospel of John (listed below). Films and series are part of their selections.

OVER 1900 languages!


A real visual representation of the 4 Gospels witha narration in your own language. This is why it is my favorite, because it is visually well made and everyone can almost watch in their native language.

OVER 1050 languages!


2 young scholars go ”in the Bible” to live the stories with the biblical characters. A great biblical representation of the personalities/characters of our heroes of the faith.

In many different languages, check out! French, English, …

Season 1-2-3  FREE

Season 4-5 need donation (worth it)

the life of jesus - best christian visual representation of the bible

With acting and ton of voice Jesus could have add. Ouff! It is good and help us to see and have a feeling. It is a mix with narration and actors telling the lines in the Bible where the characters are talking.

FREE – Youtube

The list would just not be complete without it. Jim Caviezel, actors of Jesus, recalls so many things happening during the screening of the movie and that it has brought him closer to Christ to have done this movie. How was it like for the tortured of Jesus? The movie starts right there at his arrestation.

FREE from their website

They have done 2 different season so far. You will see real actors acting the Bible. As it is a series, they have imagined of a lot of parts of how it ”could have been”. However, I believe they globally did a good job and that it makes us thing beyond what Jesus & the disciples could have been through.

FREE from their website

An animated version of the Bible. You have a narrator that reads the Bible and you will see visual passing with the text.

FREE – Youtube


Here it is! Do you want more? You may watch the Best Christian Children Movies, Best Christian Documentaries, or the Best Christian Mission Movies/Documentaries.

Did we forget any Bible representation our Lord Jesus Christ? We would love to hear and add them to our list if any!

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