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christian app to share the gospel

Best Christian App to help you share the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Already evangelisim, but it is difficult to stop people and go on in the conversation? You need guidelines to help you start evangelism? This article is for you. After reading this article, you will know many apps that help you share the Gospel with everyone. This list intends to be more when people are sharing in the streets. Different types of apps will be presented to help you share your faith. Use one of your styles to share Jesus! After this, share your faith with ease.

This list intend to gave you different app options you can have ready on your phone to evangelize. 3 of them give you different visual representation of the Gospel. Try them out to see which one you are the most confortable to share the Gospel with.

The list is more when you are in the actions ready to share now to a stranger. We will make another list of ressources you can share with unbelievers or watch with them. I also added some extra ressources that are a bit like a games to do with your friends to ask them questions about their current situation and view of life.

Hoping this will encourage and empower you to start sharing the Gospel with everyone!

Jesus at the door

The founder is a close friend of an evangelist I trully respect, Richie. He had one year to growth the number of people in the church. He found that a text line that helps you share the Gospel. You can clearly see that the hear of the man is to get people saved.

Visual: Jesus knocking at the door of your heart

FREE app and get the track lines in many different languages

Simple interface recommanded by many. Some trainings videos and testimonials. Many different languages also.

Visual: The cross bringing us to God instead of death


To have the bible verses in many different languages and translation right at hand.


Ths help you to create conversations about God. They have different topics such as honor, satisfaction, 4 spiritual laws, knowing God personnally and more.

Visual: the 4 elements explaining the Gospel


This app is entirely focus on helping teens to share their faith. As it is so specific, the content must be adapted for these people. How adapted it is? Hard to say as I am not a teen anymore.


Share the story of Jesus, anywhere and anytime. Small video of the story. Conversation tools in more than 7 different languages.


private and longer conversation

50 images. 5 questions. The other person has to choose 3 images that best represent their life right now. Ask questions. The app is free, but you can also buy the physical cards.

FREE & paid

extra - not tested

On paper, it sounds like a good plan (share personal testimony, invite people to church, free gospel tracks…), but I am not sure how it practically works as I can’t download it where I am now.

FREE (not available Europe)

Quite nice right? Did you knwo that when I become a Christian I though they were almost no ressources for Christian? The more I dive into it, the more I find more and more ressources! This is just extensive.

Are there any other app you like to use to share the Gospel? Which one are they?

How do you share the Gospel with your loved ones and neighboors?

Thank you for what you guys are doing, and let’s keep on the good fight!