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The must watch and best Christian Documentaries 2023 (Revised) – Free and paid

If you are like me, you want to watch more Christian stuff. Get filled with Jesus presence in every aspects of your life. This article of the best Christian documentaries free and paid is for you. but, what are the best Christian documentaries to watch in 2022? 

Finding a movie or documentary that is radically truth or presenting biblical truth isn’t always easy. I will therefore present documentaries that I have WATCHED and LIKED. These aren’t referal links. These are Christian documentaries that you can watch on Youtube or their ministry website. I can’t garranty that they are available somewhere else like Netflix, Amazon Prime or Reddit. The list includes FREE and PAID Christian documentaries. You can stream them now!

1) Genesis Paradise Lost

A 3D reality of the World beginning, it really makes you feel like you were there when God created everything. With scientific experts explaining how this could be possible. A MUST!

PAID – rent for 4.99$ USD on their website

As Jesus explained that he would be back when the times would be like the one of Noah – Matthew 24:37-39. How is that practically? Check it out to find out!

From Living Waters – FREE Youtube

The explanation of the view of pro life. The unspoken about the view of pro life. You will never see aborption the same way after that!

From Living Waters – FREE Youtube

christian documentary atheist delusion

Why atheist belive in no form of God? Ray Confort goes in the street to ask their views and share the Gospel with them.

From Living Waters – FREE Youtube

The best of the 4 Patterns of Evidence! The filmaker goes on a search to know where scientificly the Israeliste where in Egypt. Are there any proof of that? Are there patterns of evidence backing the Bible? Let’s find out!

PAID – from their website $ 4.95 – $ 12.95 to buy

The Mormon claims that thir book has the same authority as the Bible. Is it truth? Is there a proof of that? This documentary tries to find scientific proof or if there are of the reality or irreality of the book of Mormon. What is it compared to the Bible? Does it have the notority it claims? The finding are really interesting…

FREE on Youtube

This documentary has received so many criticism, but I believe you can’t give an opinion without watching it first. Matt Walsh goes around to ask What is a woman? See what happens.

Watch on the DailyWire – need to subscribe 9$ per month

Here it is! Do you want more? We also have list of best Christian children movies, best visual representation of the Bible, best Christian mission stories, and best alternative of Netflix.

Did we forget any documentaries that glorify our Lord Jesus Christ? We would love to hear and add them to our list if any

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