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Famous Christian oldtimer preacher testimonies

It is easy to listen to a preacher and exalt him or her, but do we really understand what they have been through to be able to stand? These are stories of Christian old-timer preachers presented as documentaries or movies. 

It is so uplifting to watch their stories and what they decide to do for God. Because they had the choice or could have walked away, but they did not. Why? Because they believed in God and wanted people to know about Him. It was all about Jesus!

In this list of Christian preachers that are no longer of this world (but their spirit with God), they have been to prison, beaten, tortured, and humiliated for Christ.

May God give us the strength to do the same!

1) john wesley

A START OUTSIDE THE CHURCH! An amazing perseverance of a preacher despite being kick out of churches and other difficulties.

A man that believes that everyone needs a personal encounter with God to be saved. He believed that everyone is equal, rich or poor, educated or uneducated. Ideas that made him to be unpopular.

FREE – Youtube

Czech Republic reformer that went to Germany to spread the idea there as well. Supporter by King and after abandoned. A journey of no return from a devoted man of Jesus.

He didn’t believe people could pay to have their sins forgiving that it was only by being saved by God.

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A preacher of the people. Preached s everyone could understand. He wasn’t using complicated words that no one can undertsnad, but a simple Gospel where many lives were saved!

Was writting enough sermons each week for a motnh till he knews what God wanted to tell his people.

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The writer of the Pilgrim’s progress. Listen to the condition of the preacher and authors when he wrote his different books. The second bestseller after the Bible: The Pilgrim prgress fiction book.

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Did we forget any old preacher stories that glorify our Lord Jesus Christ and have a video/tstimony about it? We would love to hear and add them to our list if any!

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