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We are almost all around the globe. Jesus Revolution is not allowed in some countries/regions due to legal restrictions or shipping carrier limitations. These countries are Cuba, Iran, Crimea, Syria, and North Korea. This list may change periodically.
Each country has a different delivery time based on the product ordered. The checkout will tell you an approximate date. After the payment is made and ready to be shipped, you will receive a tracking number where you can follow your order.
We are sorry that it hasn’t arrived yet. Here are few places to check: 1) your email address, did you receive a message in your email? Sometimes the products get delivered to a post center or PO Box if you weren’t home. 2) In some busy periods, the delivery time might be a bit delayed. Kindly be patient and check your tracking link to know where your order is. 3) if all of these are checked and still waiting, we therefore invite you to contact us with your tracking number so we may assist you further.
Based on current processing times, allow us up to 3 to 5 days to send you your tracking number.
Thank you for ordering with us. You do not have to worry, that’s because we sometimes ship things separately due to packaging constraints. You can see in the packing slip how many more items are to come. Contact us only if the amount isn’t the correct one on that packing slip.
We are sorry that you cannot find it. Kindly check your spam sections. It sometimes ends up there by mistake.


You may find here the link.
We value our customers and their orders, we therefore fulfill their order as quickly as possible. Therefore, we cannot change an order once it is placed. We invite you to check the return policies if your order may apply.
In the description below each product, you will have the specifications and details of the products. This should be enough to help you make the right choice.

Payment Methods

We also have the extension of Klarna which let you pay with worldwide credit cards.

Jesus Revolution, The Company

Jesus Revolution is based in Jonkoping, Sweden. As we are using a print-on-demand printer partner, we are able to be at more places at the same time. We are therefore almost all around the globe.
You are welcomed to send us a message on how you would like to help out.
Jesus Revolution offers Christians gifts that you can offer and ways for you to share the word around you simply by wearing the word of God. It also aims at transforming and encouraging life with the biblical truth. If Jesus didn’t die on the cross than our faith is in vain as Paul said.
Jesus Revolution offers products that are all prayed through, designed by Christians and we are giving at least 10% of our profits to faith driven organizations. Pray through as we gather Christian to pray and worship Jesus to receive the messages or pictures, he wants to tell us today. We want to sow more in the kingdom by using only Christian designers and by giving back at least 10% of our profits to faith driven organizations. Which one are we supporting this year? Follow us on our social media to see the updates. However, you can expect that we will give to our local church in Sweden.
Jesus Revolution stands for biblical truth of the Bible inspired by God Himself. We will aim at applying every teaching of Jesus. You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free. Revolution stands for the word John the Baptist said ‘’Repent, change your ways’’. We believe the ways of the Bible are higher and we want to revolutionize the way of thinking with this peaceful revolution. Both words, Jesus Revolution, together is a spiritual revolution that is for everyone to see the Word and receive what the Bible has to say about and for us. We don’t like superficial; we are true to our faith. “… whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” The Bible, 1 Corinthians 10:31
From Christian t-shirts to Christian mugs, those will be products we will have at Jesus Revolution, but even more than that. The aim is to go further, further in things that weren’t done yet. We believe that Jesus was the best carpenter, therefore the Christian offers products that should be of excellence. In other word, that is our aim and nothing less for our Lord Jesus Christ.
Each supported mission/organizations need to have an established non-profit organization number. Otherwise, it is impossible for us to support you. Due to some bank restrictions, there are also some countries that we aren’t allowed to support.