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Shipping Policy

For every order received at Jesus Revolution store, shipping costs depend on the amount and type of products in each order. The Shipping rate API calculates the shipping rates for an order based on the recipient’s location and the contents of the order (products and number of products).

At checkout, you will only see the available shipping options for the particular area. For example, if Express shipping is unavailable for a specific destination, the customer will only see the Standard rate.

How does it work practically?

Jesus Revolution is using a Print on Demand services that will print your product(s) to the closest printer to your delivery address. The shipping rates are therefore calculated from the printer to your address. The time can be longer for an address that is far from the partner printing facility.

However, some products can only be printed in certain printer. Implementing, that you can receive your order in different packages. The system always looks for the cheapest options for you and will by default choice that one in the checkout. When you receive an order, you will find a paper inside your order that will tell you how many products have been included in this delivery. For example, there will be a sentence like this ‘’This shipment includes 1 out of 3 items in your order.’’. This indicates you that you have at least one more order to come and maybe two.

Our partner chooses the most suitable carrier for your shipment, considering the selected shipping method and destination. You’ll know which carrier service delivers your shipment in the order confirmation email.

*Note that some products are only available in certain countries. The checkout will tell out if the shipment can’t be placed there.

Due of some legal restrictions and shipping carrier limitations, we are currently not able to ship to Ecuador, Cuba, Iran, Crimea, Syria, and North Korea. We therefore welcome the orders from approximately 191 countries!