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Top Christian Streaming Platform – Christian Alternative to Netflix

Do you have only Netflix as an option? Are there Christian options and series that are according to my values? The answer is that there are plenty and closer to you than you think! In this list, you will find out the family-friendly alternative to Netflix, from TV streaming to streaming to videos platform that will build your faith.

The list goes in accordance to my preference note that based on my location, there are some that I couldn’t try. I have left them there as maybe their are the only one available in your location.

I do not personnaly recommend all the selection in the extra, but they do have some really good movies and it is good to know that there are there.

CBN - Christian Broadcast Network

The founder has an amazing story of faithfulness. They have news, series, documentaries…

Find: Superbook, 700 Club

FREE and premium content

Amazing content for Kids, I have watch like almost everything. Deap and strong biblical stories. Some of the best I have seen.


Amazing vision and deep topic about the Bible. Visual that looks like cartoon.


Movies, documentaries, prophecies, teachings and church are all part of this media. The fact that it is free made itexceptionnal in my opinion.


Especially for Latter-days saints. 3000 tiltes from movies, series, animation…

7.99$/month (14 days trial)

They have sermount, bible studies and the most various contnt in my opinion. Mostly Bible study videos.

The pricing are mainly by church. Min 25$ usd/ month

Answer in Genesis has video related to the animals, Bible, age of the Earth, creation and more. Complex topics explicated. They own the one right after this.

FREE in their website

Get equipped to defend the Gospel and biblical truth with videos. From Answer in Genesis

Subscription 42.80 kr / month

Edifying and entertainment movies, presentation and biblical teachings.

Subscription 42.80 kr / month


They have the largest Christian movies offer. If you are looking for a movie that isn’t in your streaming, it is most probably in Christian Cinema.

Rent or buy Christian titles only

Australian network that is also in French, Russian, and Latino. Live, broadcast, kids program, and more.


Africa, France and Canada. 3 locations, 1 language. Somes shows, prayer, worship and more!


You also have a lot of other platform that are mixed. For example, thy can have amazing movies such as God’s not dead and War Room, but have on the other hand a mum night out. Here is a list of mixed platform that has some good movies, but also movies that you are loosing your time in my opinion. Smix (7.99 sgn/month), Saltflix (4.99$ usd/month), Pureflix (6.95$ usd/month), Dove Channel (6.95 usd/month), New Faith Network (89 kr/ month), Crossflix (Plus 9.99$/month), ACC TV, Up Faith (5.99$/month)

You can also used VidAngel which isn’t a streaming platform, but a filter addition. You can therefore cancel or stop certain things you do not want to see. Even if I think the idea is good, you will end up filtering everything in the most well known streaming platform of today such as Netflix. It became normal to use the name of God in vain or to see violence/sexual scenes. It is better to use another platform in my opinion, but good option to block certain things on your children computers.

What do you guys think? Are you using some of these platforms already? Or have used and changed to another one? Share with us your experience and why you have changed. I am sure it will bring valuable insights for everyone here.

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