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Best Christian movies for children

You would like your children to grow in faith and meet Jesus? You are wonderring which series could help you do that? Or maybe you are done with the one you know? Than this list is for you! You will find the best faith based Christian movies and series for kids. Children and families will enjoy! 

I know a lot of people that got saved at 10 or 7 years old. They are not too young to make a decision to follow Jesus. There are really good visual and representation of the Bible stories. I am enjoying them myself ahah 😀

Note that all my list is mostly for older children. For example, someone get burned in the Pilgrim progress.

1) Superbook

2 children going through different stories from the Bible. An incredible visual representation of the biblical stories and very accurate! I love watching them myself! Note that some storis are for older children like the man out of the cave with thousand of demons. Look at the title of the story to be sure!

Age – 3 to 6 years old

Season 1,2 & 3 – FREE

Season 4 & 5 – Monthly Superbok partner

superbook - best christian movies for children

Follow Christian (the main character’s name) on his journey to the Holy Land! A fantastic parallel of the Christian walk with God. As I watch it again, I see more and more biblical references. An excellent encouragement and well-made!

Age 6-12 years old minimum

FREE Redeemed TV

An animated series of some heroes of the faith: some preachers, missionaries, and more. Really well made, check the story before showing your children maybe as some scenes might be scary. You will realized that a lot of these stories are also in the documentaries list (I don’t know if they have inspired one another).

Age 8-12 years old

Free RedeemedTV

During the time of the Roman Empire when the Christian were being persecuted, children were rescuted and safely setttled at a bakery where they will hear stories of the faith.

Age 5-10 years old

Free Youtube (13 episodes)

This is not exactly ”clearly” Christian. Although the first movie, you can really see the lion Aslan as Jesus. The story is 3 kids brought to an imaginery land (heaven) where they are the roalty and have to fight for the land. Narnia has great parabole with the Bible.

Age 8+

To rent Youtube, Amazon

christian kids movies jonah veggie tales

Quite funny to watch and listen to. It is a mix of the past with the present of Jonah story. A good lesson at the end. I thought they had good jokes and good things added in their songs as direction for children. If you like the style, you can check the VeggieTale official on Youtube for more kids lesson.

Age 6-10 years old

Free on their Youtube Channel

The link is the story of Jesus birth if he would be a bird. They have a lot of different stories as well. Well made and quite recent as well.

Age 6+

Free on their Youtube Channel

iesodo - best christian movies for children

2 animals of each kind have been called to the ark, but 2 will not make it. How will they survive?

Age 8+

To rent Apple TV,

Made by Dreamwork and claim it is not a religious movie. However, it is from the story of Moses. Watching more of these kind will help the big compagnies to make more of these.

Rent on Youtube or Amazon

Dreamworks made more than one Christian movie? What? Yes, I know it is surprising. As the title says, the story of Joseph the one that was sold by his brothers. A story that God turn out for good.

You can watch on Youtube, Apple Play

**The story is not biblical** God doesn’t need animals to help him protect his only Son. However, I believe it is better to watch this than to watch a none Christian movie.

You can watch on Netflix, Amazon

at Jesus side - best Christian movies for kids

A similar idea of the star where the animals fight to save the day. They follow Jesus and get feedback from Him.

See based on your location where you can buy or rent the movie

Here it is! Note that I am not a parent yet, so I would love to have more on this list! You can also watch the list of best movies coming soon and the best Christian mission movies. Another thing you can do is to use Christian streaming for kids such as Yippee. Parents kindly leave your comments about it.

Did we forget any movies or series for children and families that glorify our Lord Jesus Christ? We would love to hear and add them to our list if any! Comments below and we may update our list after watching it 🙂

Note that the more we consume Christian materials, the more they will make what we ask for. Let’s help our Christian by showing that there is a desire!

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